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A BETTER EXERSAUCERBuy Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station

Babies used to use walkers to practice standing and moving around. Walkers, however, can be dangerous. Most standard walkers don't offer much support or any entertainment or educational value. The potential for babies to use their new-found mobility to get out of a parent's sight, and possibly into a dangerous situation (like a fall down stairs!) is one reason not many people use standard walkers anymore.

An ExerSaucer is the modern answer to a baby walker.
Although "Exersaucer" is the brand name of Evenflo's play saucers, the term has come into common usage to refer to any stationary play center, baby activity center, baby play saucer, or stationary play circle like the one from the award-winning Bright Starts company.

Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station is one of the best improvement in exersaucer-style play stations to come around in a long time.


An exersaucer style product is a safer product than a walker and it can entertain babies who are not yet independently mobile. The Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Center features a sturdy round base and an attached seat for the baby. ExerSaucers and other stationary entertainers let babies remain upright so they can practice standing and play with available toys while taking in the action around them. Play saucers do not allow babies to move around a room, which eliminates the safety concerns present with walkers, but because the seat of the Bright Starts activity station can move all around the table, the baby can still practice walking and strengthening the legs while moving all around the entertainment table.

Aside from the safety advantages of an exersaucer, these modern-day walkers can entertain, educate, and stimulate a baby who would not yet be quite ready for a standard, old-fashioned walker. The Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Center can keep a baby busily, and safely, entertained while not permitting the unlimited mobility that an old-style walker might allow.

Exersaucers and stationary entertainers like the ones from Bright Starts should only be used once the baby has gained control of his/her head and neck.