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The Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Center can keep a baby busily, and safely, entertained while not permitting the unlimited mobility that an old-style walker might allow.

Play saucers and activity centers from Bright Starts do not allow babies to move around a room. Most standard walkers don't offer much support or any entertainment or educational value. Because the seat of the Bright Starts activity station can move all around the table, the baby can still practice walking and strengthening the legs while moving all around the entertainment table.

As the baby grows older and stronger, he/she may be able to move the plastic Bright Starts activity center around a bit, but the baby will most likely be too interested in simply going around the table to play with the various toys that are available on it.

The seat of the Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Center can also be locked into a single position if the parent desires.

Bright Starts walker without baby

The photo to the left shows a Bright Starts style of walker in greater detail.

Note the wheels on the padded seat that allow the baby full mobility around the play station's table while preventing the kind of mobility that would be possible with a standard walker.

The wide variety of available activities around the table will keep a baby entertained for an amazingly long time. The Bright Starts offers all the advantages of a walker with none of the disadvantages and dangers a walker is prone to.

With an ordinary walker, a parent must be extremely watchful, often a difficult task as a baby gets more mobile. But with a Bright Starts 'walker' a parent can actually do other things while watching the baby because the baby is limited in his/her travels and is too busy entertaining him/herself to feel constrained. No more putting baby in a playpen or crib with little to do but fuss! 


The Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station gives your baby an whole world to explore, allowing him/her to exercise legs in a safe environment while playing with a variety of fun, developmentally challenging activities. If the baby is at least 4 months old, can sit unassisted, is under 25 pounds and less than 30 inches tall, the baby is ready for this walker.

While some activity centers have a seat in the center for the baby that's encircled by an activity tray, Bright Starts the Around We Go walker station is configured to allow the baby to walk around the toys instead. The Bright Starts company has won numerous awards for its baby and toddler products. The activities are positioned on a sturdy table. The seat is supported by two wheeled legs and attached to the table. Baby sits in the seat with feet firmly planted on the ground. Baby can learn to push off the ground to propelling him or her self around the table in order to get to the activity of his or her choice.